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We've Moved to a New Location in Topeka!

TFM Comm, Inc. has moved to their new location in Topeka, KS.

Our new address is:

323 S Kansas Ave.
Topeka, KS 66603

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TFM Comm Topeka Location

Over 75 Years of History and Service

TFMComm Celebrating 75 Years of BusinessTFMComm’s predecessor, Mobile Communications Company, began as an authorized Motorola Service Center over seventy years ago. In 1948, the foresight and optimism of Jim Frazee and partner Charles Holman, led to an offer from Motorola to establish an authorized service center to serve Northeast Kansas and the surrounding vicinity.

The two partners pooled their funds to make the initial investment of $165 for parts, and armed with their first $40 per month service contract, they began to build a reputation of fast, friendly, quality service which remains the hallmark of the present day TFMComm, Inc. business philosophy.

In the early fifties, the company steadily grew as businesses began to see the benefits and value of 2-way radio systems. Housed in the Yellow Cab Company, located at 419 Jackson Street in Topeka, Kansas, the partners realized that they no longer had enough room to handle the test equipment and radios that modern technology required. A vacant lot at 125 Jackson, just down the street, was chosen as the location for new facilities. The new home for Mobile Communications at 125 Jackson opened its doors in September 1958, and continues to remain part of the TFMComm complex of buildings.

TFMCommDuring the late fifties and throughout the 1960s, Mobile Comm grew at a steady rate. In 1974, the company was sold to longtime employee Doug Flair, the current president of TFMComm. At the time the name was changed, due to the fact that an Omaha shop was operating under the company name of Mobile Communications. Topeka Mobile Comm became Topeka FM Communications, which was soon shortened to TFMComm. The company has continued its successful growth due to its ability to keep stride with current technological developments. TFMComm now serves a twenty-one county area, a broad regional customer base...and offers the same fast, friendly, quality service which has always remained paramount throughout the company’s growth.

Wireless Integration

We are all about integration.

The integration of advanced voice and data wireless technology, your needs and staff, productivity and goals. We are the premier system integrator of wireless communication systems and services for Motorola Communication Equipment. Our team of sales, service, engineering, and operations are among the most qualified and best trained in the wireless industry.

Our value lies in our ability to offer you the most complete array of services available:

  • Local Support
  • Value Analysis
  • Program Management
  • System Integration
  • Coverage Studies
  • Support Center
  • Financial Services

We provide reliable, dependable portable and mobile radios with the most advanced technology available. Motorola two-way radios enable you to function in a safe and efficient manner, and provide you with increased productivity and flexibility.

Two-way radios can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Enhancement to existing communications
  • Temporary or cyclical increases in activity, special events, promotions
  • Scheduled maintenance, construction and short-term projects
  • Public safety, emergency response or disaster relief
  • Coordination of emergency efforts between teams, departments and organizations

Our inventory consists of portable, mobile and base station radios in VHF, UHF and 900 MHz frequencies and Privacy Plus technologies. Contact us to design a radio solution for your specific needs.

What sets us apart from our competition?

We provide outstanding service to our customers before and after the sale. Our employees are dedicated to providing each customer that walks through our door with the highest level of assistance. We systematically determine each individual customer's wireless needs; cellular phones, two way radios or one of our emerging products, and then develop a solution that best matches those needs. That is why we sustain more customers and receive more repeat business than any other dealer in the area. Our customers stay our customers because they know that they can expect more from us. Clearly stated, we are the one wireless company that customers can count on. We have worked hard to earn this distinguished reputation. Call on us and experience the difference.

By working with us, you are assured a total plant communications network, that meets your needs today and one that can grow with you tomorrow, as your requirements change.